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Date: 2017

URL: http://grbaptist.org/messages/

Note: This is a legacy page, but remains accessible to the public via gr.church => Messages => Sermons => Archived Sermon Page

Platform: WordPress / Sermon Manager plugin

Description / Features: Using WordPress Sermon Manager plugin, built a custom user interface for

1) Listing out sermon series and 2) Displaying and playback of all the sermons in a series.


Sermon Series List

URL: http://grbaptist.org/messages/

Built custom queries into WordPress (via a child theme) to pull the sermon series in descending order, based on date of last sermon, in a grid of three columns. Displaying thumbail graphic, sermon title, sermon dates and preacher name. Displaying large image for most recent series across the top of page. Fully responsive, the grid of three columns collapses to a single column, and the images resize.



Sermon Series Page

Sample URL: http://grbaptist.org/messages/creation-corruption/

List out sermons in descending order.

Embedded video and audio players.

If it has a video, display a video player, otherwise, display the thumbnail as a place holder.

Ability to download video, audio and notes (if available).

Displaying large image for most recent series across the top of page.


Administrative Backend (unpictured)

Ability to associate multiple images to a given sermon series. I believe that the Sermon Manager plugin has the ability to associate a single image to the series; however we needed to associate multiple (the thumbnail, the background and the text image.) The three images were needed in order to display the image on the top of the page, yet be responsive.

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